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Freedom of Thought by cranial-bore Freedom of Thought by cranial-bore
Freedom of Thought

I guess my concept behind this piece was people following conformities easily and blindly, giving their own opinions second spot on the priority clock.

The left character is looking foward in time to its self, when it is not bound by social constraints.

The pipes leading into the first face, and the covered mouth are symbolic of the fed ideas and puppetry of the character, and the silence of the real thoughts. There are a few more symbolic guestures in there, but those are the main ones.

This came about through Photomanipulation, ink drawing, airbrushing, some 3D and texture scanning (the oranges again :D (Big Grin) ). I liked working with a large range of medium for this.

Comments welcome.

btw, there is also and acrylic painting of this drawing, but I don't have access to it anymore, and might not ever.
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hermelin Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2001
Hmmm really different art but i still like it alot.

Frog the King will bite your toe whahahahahah Frog

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dygel Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2001
Reminds me of the classic cybernetic illustration (the cover to Pink Floyd's The Division Bell, basically), modified. I'm glad to see that the thought process behind it is in tune with that as well. The modifications to the image depicting the basis for all cybernetic communication (sender, message, receiver, feedback) is interrupted by various societal forces.

Good job. Glad to see you're still putting a lot of thought into your work.

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stop looking at me like that.
cahill Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2001
intense and powerful...truly awesome work

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antisleeper Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2001
very nicely done great colour and movement. it kinda tells a story. not that i know what the story is.

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i hear Batman caught jark Clause with a Trout under a Christmas Tree getting a little I AM HORNY!!! this is not offical
niskel Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2001
Very nice work. I like the extensive symbolism and the way it is represented. I also really like the style of the faces and the strange details throughout the piece. Excellent.

loiden Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2001
woa.. I seen those faces before I think.. dunno but I think so.. mm.. anyway I really like them.. and the texturing and everything else is very well done.. canīt find something to suggest or complain over.. great peice =) (Smile)

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flummox Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2001
I have been staring at this for a while now and I am moved by it. Had you just uploaded this without the story I think that I would have still been moved. None the less I like the way that you thought and I love the way that you express that in your art.
This one in particular.
You are such a inspirational artist.
Thanks for just being someone who puts his heart into things.

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faithwalker Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2001  Student Photographer
Beyond words! I smell something.....

Is that a DD I smell?


Bo day!

charon Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2001
Great work cranial:) (Smile) I love the style and theme you have behind it.

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jmcc Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2001
Excellently thought-out concept that was fantastically executed.

Great work. Thumbs Up

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jedeye459 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2001
wow, this is really great, I love the look of this, and the concept... awesome job :D (Big Grin)

May the force be with you!
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December 21, 2001
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