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Toxic Nature by cranial-bore Toxic Nature by cranial-bore
:: This toxic nature will be our own demise, our vanity a vicious posion to delicite, sweet smelling skin ::

An ink drawing coloured in Photoshop over the last few days. Background was all PS.

Comments welcome.
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d3m0ni0 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2002
man thats something deep...
the style as i said in another comment is cool
but i dont like too much the background.
something more simple would have fit more the subject in this case.
but thats just me :) (Smile)
dygel Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2002
The background leaves something to be desired, but the ink and paint portion of this is excellent. That backdrop is just too dark and cluttered feeling for my tastes.
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anriel Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2002
wowsers. your airbrushing has improved greatly over the span of your submissions. colour, detailing, it's all there. i only wish that the definition between the outline and the colours was a bit sharper. perhaps my eyes are getting worse than i thought, but it seems a tad blurry. nice work though.
dvsone Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2002
I really like this. The blues and oranges with the shading and highlights on the subject. Nice to hear it started from pen and ink then colored in photoshop. speaking of which I should go do that =) (Smile)
hermelin Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2002
Great airbrushing, your choices of colors were great and really freaky stuff too.
Hmm the background may need some more work though.

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jedeye459 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2002
thas wicked man, I love yoru drawlings

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toasty Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2002
freaky good picture! the texturing is great

but what is it *_*
jeezus- Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2002
nice textures
and i like how you put the cartoon over the background, very cool

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ominous Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2002
Another great peice, as everyone seems to has said, great colors. Very interesting peice, one that you could look at for the longest time and still be intrigued.
cottser Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2002
That object in the foreground is very interesting, nice colours, and the background is awesome, very well done, and fits well with the foreground, great texturing, though I feel the typography should be a bit more noticeable.
Great work!

fuzzydemon Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2002
Very nice shading.. and nice choice of colours.
I love the textures you've added in there.. really adds something to the design. Love the line work too Thumbs Up

:: fuzzydemon ::
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loiden Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2002
wow.. this one I gonna add to my favorite list.. I really adore this peice.. ah,, the bg and the airbrushing is just so sweet.. mm.. dunno what to say :o (Eek)

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lugerman Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2002   Photographer
niiice, wish i could do that :D (Big Grin)
nekonoko Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2002  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice texturing! Really adds a lot of dimension to the admittedly very well done ink drawing. Great colours as well!

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sidesmack Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2002
Niiiiiice detail. Its going to take me a while to take it all in. The bright orange and blue stand out nicely while the "old" background present a nice texture.

I'm confused as to what the "thing" in the foreground is, but its not important. While my mind is trying to figure it out though, I get to absorb the rest. Really a nice job. Looks like you put weeks into it, not days.

pixelated Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2002   Digital Artist
Excellent good use of color and shadow....everything about it is very hight quality....thanks

eitri Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2002
Wow... that's very nice work. Nice concept. I like the background, too.

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January 6, 2002
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